School Fundraising – Keep it Classy

Not sure if you’ve already seen this, but it made the rounds on Facebook and I got a chuckle out of it:


Now, this is one funny PTA! Parents expect that their kids’ schools will be hitting them up for money – in addition to those regular tuition payments, of course – and while they understand the reasons behind these requests, they can get old. Here, this PTA flips those expectations right around through the use of honesty and humor – with a subtle nod to the fact that parents are busy. Well done.

Note that it’s not just requests for money that can be improved by the use of a little humor. What about a call for field trip volunteers that includes a Letterman-esque Top 10 list? Or a cute haiku request for room parent assistance? Or a snow day announcement in the form of clever video parody?

Get creative with your school communications!

The use of genuine, good-hearted sarcasm in your school fundraising and communications efforts attracts attention, lightens moods, and creates a stronger bond between your school and your parents. It gets more of the results you want. It can even become a key facet of your unique school brand if you incorporate it on a regular basis.

We have the Fall No-Fuss Fundraiser at our elementary school and works great. Essentially our PTA just commits to not making a fuss out of raising the money and just helps parents and teachers understand what we do with money and how it benefits the school. Not all that funny but clearly no need to sell wrapping paper or cookies.

So don’t be afraid to lighten things up – your parents will thank you for it (perhaps even in the form of bigger donation checks).