See How Easily You Can Trial MemberHub

If MemberHub was a human body, then hubs would be the cells. Hubs are the building blocks organizations use to build online community, enhance communication and empower their groups to get organized. We give away free hubs for 25 members or less. We feel like that’s pretty nice. And people have certainly taken advantage of this. Of course, we’d love to see many of these people upgrade to a subscription plan where you gain access to the full-featured MemberHub.

2422521567_cb30003d1dA MemberHub organization really takes group communications to the next level. It’s a group management tool and it also can serve as an organization’s membership database too. There’s too many features to list here and this is not the point of this post. The point of this post is that we think it should be easier for organizations to check out all of MemberHub’s features. It’s obvious that many of our users are missing the big picture and don’t have the power to show the rest of their organization everything MemberHub can do. Because they’re just in a free hub.

For various reasons we’ve required a credit card up front to start a free 30 day trial which gives you access to an organization management console. Well, that’s no longer the case!

We’ve re-worked our trial process to make it much easier to do just that….trial our software. The whole kit-n-kaboodle. No strings attached and no credit card required. So if you’re a member driven organization and you have multiple ministries, committees, teams, and groups, then start your free trial now! Maybe you’re a church looking for a private online community tool or an online family directory. Maybe you’re a nonprofit looking to enhance the way your committees communicate and plan. Are you running a small sports league and need to give the parents the tools they need to get organized?

If you’re new to MemberHub, then click the Start Free Trial button. If you’re already a user in MemberHub and want to try out an Organization for your existing hubs then either click on the New Org button on Your Dashboard or visit the Hub Settings for your hub and click on the Upgrade Now>> link.

If you have any questions please visit our new and improved support forum and knowledge base!

[Image from M R Fletcher]