Use Group Text Messages to Engage Members (Idea 1 of 10)


Text Message Your Members

No one would likely doubt the importance that text messages play in our culture’s communication practices these days. From teens to grandparents, an increasing number of individuals are relying on text messaging to communicate with and avoid phone calls :). Even things like text message marketing are starting to become a reality. Potentially, text messages will start to be as interuptive as email is these days (um, which is not a lot, right), but until then, text messaging is a fabulous protocol to send a quick small message to your members, volunteers and constituents.  And why not make them ENCOURAGING messages.

This post is part of the 10 Ways to Engage Your Members with Technology

Of course if you have a teenager then you are all too aware of the importance that text messaging plays in their lives. But did you know that 2/3 of all Americas now subscribe to text messaging on their cell phones? That’s huge. So for every 3 people in your organization, you can instantly reach 2 of them right now with a nice little message in their pocket. So send them a message to:

  • Thank them for serving in some capacity
  • Remind them about an upcoming event or opportunity
  • Share with them some good news like a new milestone reached
  • Just tell them how much you appreicate them

The point is, stay in front of them. Deliver them short timely messages and the goals of the organization will continue to stay in the front of their mind. It’s like subliminal advertising but not as evil…accept of course if they don’t have an unlimited text messaging plan!

Of course you can use MemberHub to send group text messages and you’ll get even more communication tools than just that, but there are also lots of other group text messaging tools. A simple google search will reveal many options.

Here are some other facts to consider about text messaging

This post is part of the 10 Ways to Engage Your Members with Technology