Use Tags To Categorize People and Hubs

I mentioned before, that we’re adding new membership management features to MemberHub. With the latest release of MemberHub, administrators can use “tags” to categorize the people and hubs in their organization. Tags are a relatively new concept that are becoming an increasingly popular way to categorize peices of information. does a great job of explaining tags. Tags are like keywords or labels that you add to member records and hubs that make them easier to find later. Let’s look at an example.

Let’s say that you’re a church and you’re using MemberHub to keep track of your membership (in addition to enhancing communications among your small groups) and you want to contact all the folks that have experience working with your prison ministry. Well let’s back up, just a minute. Let’s first say that you know 15 people in your church that have this experience. As an organization administrator you would go to the People tab, select those 15 people records and select “Edit Tags” from the People Actions button. Then you’d create a new tag called “Prison Ministry” or something of the sort.

Now, fast forward and you need to only contact those 15 persons. Once people have been tagged with “Prison Ministry”, you’ll see link, in the “tag cloud” while you’re on the People tab. Now all you have to do is click on that tag (it will be a hyperlink). The people listing will be filtered to only records that have been tagged with “Prison Ministry”. Simply select all and choose “Send Message” from the People Actions button.

That tag will remain highlighted (the actual link) to indicate that the people listing has been filtered to only include those categorized with the selected tag. To bring back all people into the listing, simply click the tag again; the people listing will refill and the highlighting will be removed from the selected tag.

This is a very powerful and flexible way to keep track of custom information about your members. Anytime you learn something about your members you can simply create a tag and then easily and quickly find those people in your listing; then send them an e-mail, text message or even put them in a new or existing hub! And don’t forget that you can also tag hubs. Perhaps one of your small groups is involved in the Prison Ministry and they have their own hub. You can simply tag the hub with the information and choose to send the hub a message.

Tagging is only available in MemberHub for Organizations. Start your 30-day free trial now!