When Teachers Communicate the Way They Want To

The last thing parents and school administration want to do is add more work to our teachers’ plates. Teachers are BUSY…right!

Our goal is to empower parents to help teachers…with communication and planning and fund raising and well, teaching our children.

So it brings me great joy when a teacher realizes that our school communications platform can actully help them communciate better.

Here are some words from a Wake County teacher who was hesitent (maybe even skeptical) at first, but has now come to love MemberHub and the doors it opens between teachers and parents.


What made Mrs. K’s experience so great, was that the PTA had already imported her students and parents into her classroom hub and grade-level hubs…so the barrier to try something new was lowered.

All she had do was just click New Message and she was communicating! After that she started using the Signups to schedule conferences and then quickly became more accustomed to the rest of the communication tools. She was hooked!

Chalk up another win for good teacher parent communication!