Cedar River Montessori strengthens communications and Head of School claims “It’s my dream come true!”

The Problem

As a Montessori school, Cedar River’s main focus is on community involvement and parent connection. Charis Sharp, the Head of School at Cedar River Montessori, first started working there five years ago.

She recalls that the school had a slow, cumbersome system (if you could even call it that) for communicating with parents. It was “bad in all sorts of ways!” When Charis needed to send out a group email, she would write it up and send it to one specific parent, who would then forward it on to everyone else. Can you imagine!?

As time went on, it became evident that Cedar River needed a new way to communicate. The tools the school was using required too much staff time and energy. One tool simply didn’t work at all for sending out announcements to parents and staff.

  • Cedar River had no centralized system for effective school communications
  • The tools the school was using were unreliable, disjointed, and slow
  • Parents were not as engaged as they could be due to poor communication
  • Staff was spending extra time, energy, and money using several different communication tools – none of which worked very well, either separately or in combination

The School

underwood elementary logoCedar River Montessori School was founded in 1980-1981 on its present site, chosen for its peaceful location and home-like setting. Throughout its history CRMS has served early childhood and elementary students, and has previously offered middle school.

  • Serves 115 students ages 3-9th grade.
  • Has over forty years of combined experience in education and school administration
  • Customer since August 2013

The Solution

During a late-night web search, Charis stumbled across MemberHub. She was thrilled. “I was looking for exactly what you have,” she recalls.

She started a trial and soon decided to implement MemberHub as the keystone of Cedar River’s communication efforts. Teachers and parents were now able to communicate in a quick, organized, and efficient fashion.

The Results

After one year, Charis says, “It’s my dream come true.” She reports that MemberHub is easy to understand, and even her non-tech-savvy teachers use it. In addition, the iPhone app has helped significantly with communicating with parents on the go. “The phone app is awesome!” Charis says.

  • The school has replaced three different software platforms with one
  • School-wide communications are streamlined and reliable
  • Parents and teachers are engaged and involved more than ever before
  • Cedar River is saving time and money but communicating more efficiently
  • Teachers can focus their efforts on their students rather than on cumbersome communications “tools” that don’t actually work!

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