Underwood Elementary centralizes school communication and saves over $1,500/year on paper & directory costs.

The Problem

Like many schools, Underwood Elementary School was using numerous software tools to manage communication among teachers and parents. Room Representatives and the PTA were manually managing lists of email addresses and then used separate tools for volunteer signups, photo sharing and file sharing. On top of this, teachers and classrooms were using different tools to manage classroom communications.

The school lacked an organized approach to parent and teacher communications and people often felt disconnected from communication channels. The PTA was investing a lot of time and money building a paper version of the school directory which was expensive to print and not easily accessible.

  • Communication was disorganized and burdensome
  • Annoying Yahoo! Group forced people to use a yahoo email address
  • Parents didn’t know how to best reach others
  • School was spending $500 on a printed directory
  • School was spending an average of $1,100/year on weekly flyers & announcements

The School

underwood elementary logoUnderwood Elementary GT Magnet Elementary School is a beautiful school built in 1926 nestled in the heart of Raleigh’s historic Five Points neighborhood.

  • Public elementary school in the Wake County Public School System
  • About 600 total parents and teachers
  • Customer since August 2012

The Solution

Underwood chose to adopt MemberHub and the school was quickly able to create a one-stop online destination for parent-teacher communications. The PTA provided a centralized place for parents to volunteer, share photos and files and access the school directory online.

Teachers began to use MemberHub for their classroom communication as well, further centralizing communications efforts.

The Results

After the first year using MemberHub, parents and teachers agreed that communication was easier and that everyone felt more connected.

  • Saved over $1,500 in directory, paper & printing costs
  • Replaced 4 different communication tools with 1
  • Parents felt more connected and in-the-know
  • Increased in parent volunteers due to ease of sigups
Beth Dickinson“MemberHub has completely organized Underwood’s classroom and PTA communications and printing costs have definitely gone way down. I really can’t imagine life without it now.”

– Beth Dickinson, PTA Vice-President of Communications

The Strategy

Initially the PTA started using MemberHub. The idea was to help the Room Parents get classroom communications organized to not only help the teacher but connect all the parents in the classroom

Then, using the Hub Trees feature, Underwood created a hierarchy of communication hubs: one for the entire school, one for each grade level and one for an every classroom. Now parents and staff can communicate on any level as necessary. The various group hubs are setup to ensure everyone is getting the information that they should. The PTA sends out occasional announcements and reminders, but now room parents are sent weekly reminders to share with their classroom in addition to classroom specific announcements.

Parents and teachers can now use the hubs they have access to send emails and text messages, create signup sheets, share photos and files. The school directory is accessible online through MemberHub and is also available on the iPhone app which makes it easy to connect on the go!

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