Fundraising Ideas For Your School

We Find the Best Fundraisers For You!

Prep Sportswear

Reasons to use Prep Sportswear:

  1. Parents and staff order custom school gear and apparel delivered straight to their house. No distribution for you!
  2. They can order one item or many items, all with your school or PTA logo.
  3. You don’t have to figure out what to order ahead of time. No leftovers, means more profit for the PTA.
  4. Just send flyers or emails telling the parents and staff how to order.
  5. Through MemberHub, your school earns 15%!
    (instead of 12% if you sign up directly with Prep Sportswear).
  6. Get Your Prep Sportswear Store

ABC Fundraising

Reasons to fundraise with ABC:

  1. You will receive 3 FREE banner spots when you sign up for your first ABC Fundraiser! Use for the PTA, or sell them as a fundraiser.
  2. High profits, up to 97%.
  3. Lots of fundraisers to choose from. From cookie dough to flower bulbs to discount cards, and many, many more.
  4. Choose as many fundraisers as you’d like. You aren’t limited to just one.
  5. Sign up for ABC’s free Info Kit for more ideas. The kit will walk you through step by step.
  6. Pick an ABC Fundraiser

Email Banners

Fundraise with email banners:

  1. Sell the email banner spots at the top and bottom of the emails you send from your MemberHub account.
  2. Businesses WANT to buy your banner spots to advertise.
  3. High profit margin, make $5000+ per year!
  4. Learn More About Banners


GiftCrowd for Teacher gifting:

  1. The simple way to buy group gifts sharing the cost with others.
  2. GiftCrowd will donate $100 to your PTO/PTA right after you use it for the first time.
  3. Available in the Admin panel of your Memberhub account. Click the button to log in.
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