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All plans offer a no-obligation, 30-day, free trial…no credit card required.

You’ll get access to all the features and we’ll help you maximize your trial period.

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$39 per month, paid annually
    • 100 People
    • 20 Hubs
    • 1GB File/Photo Storage
    • SSL Security
    • On-boarding $200


$59 per month, paid annually
    • 250 People
    • 50 Hubs
    • 5GB File/Photo Storage
    • SSL Security
    • On-boarding $400


$99 per month, paid annually
    • 500 People
    • 100 Hubs
    • 10GB File/Photo Storage
    • SSL Security
    • On-boarding $600


$149 per month, paid annually
    • 1000 People
    • Unlimited Hubs
    • Unlimited File/Photo Storage
    • SSL Security
    • On-boarding $800
* For more than 1,000 people, we offer custom pricing. Contact us today to discuss.

How does the 30-day free trial work?

After you sign up, your school will have 30 days to evaluate MemberHub. At the end of the trial, if you love MemberHub and want to keep using it – and we’re sure you will – then we’ll get your credit card info or prepare an invoice. Either way we’ll be in touch.

What’s the deal with the “On-boarding”?

We’ve been at this a while and we know that proper setup and training for MemberHub ensures adoption and success. The on-boarding includes a data import of your families and staff, co-branded Implementation Guides (think canned emails and cheat-sheets for teachers), 2 trainings and up to 4-hours of consultation to get your school up and running efficiently. It’s really a win-win, we promise.

How do I know which plan to sign up for?

Our plans are based on the number of people at your school: parents + administrators + teachers. Only people with email addresses or mobile numbers that can receive sms/text messages count toward this maximum.

What is a hub?

A hub is a private online home for a group. Schools create hubs for each classroom and grade level and of course one for the entire school and other PTA/PTO/Clubs. You can set up whatever works best for you.

Each hub has its own messages, calendar, place to share files and photos, and its own list of online signups. We explain more about how to use all of these tools during your On-boarding.

How many people can go in each hub?

You can put as many people as you need in each hub. So for example, with the Large plan, you can have up to 500 people in your database and put them in as many hubs as you want.

What if I refer friends at other schools to MemberHub?

We love getting referrals from our satisfied customers! For every referral you send us who signs up for a paid plan, you’ll get a free month of MemberHub for your own school. And there’s no limit – so 12 paid MemberHub referrals = 1 full year of free MemberHub for you!

Ready to get started?

Try the 30-day free trial. Once your school has taken MemberHub for a test drive, we’re confident that you won’t want to be without it.

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