Affordable, easy-to-understand pricing as well as a powerful sponsorship model to offset costs and raise money.

Pay Only for What Your School Needs

Each school pays an annual subscription cost based on the number of email addresses in the MemberHub site: parents + teachers + administrators. If you have questions, we’re happy to help you figure out exactly how many email addresses you may have.

You’ll get as much time as you need, without charge, to get started, along with a custom onboarding package to help you plan the rollout.

Your school will also be assigned a friendly, knowledgeable MemberHub Coach who will handle your setup. While most schools are pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to get rolling with MemberHub, you never need to worry about being abandoned if you have questions or problems—

We’re here by your side every step of the way.

Thinking Your School Can’t Afford It?

We understand that school and PTO budgets can be tight. But before you go back to using an assortment of disconnected, but free tools consider the ways that schools justify the costs of using MemberHub:

  • Schools save $1,000’s in reduced printing costs. Many schools replace their costs for printing a school directory with MemberHub. Done and done!
  • Go ahead and add up the annual costs of all the communications tools you pay for now.
  • Consider the reduced time and frustration MemberHub will save from not having to setup and manage multiple platforms that are cumbersome to work with anyway.
  • You can use our Sponsors feature to not only offset the costs but even raise money!

How do you put a value on better communication, parent involvement, and school community?

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